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Document Storage Huntingdon – Safe & Secure

The Storage Hub Huntingdon understand that for individuals and businesses alike, document archiving and secure storage is a critical service, allowing you to keep physical copies of your vital paperwork. We are experts at document storage, whether you need our self storage units for a month or years, our storage experts are on hand to help from showing you round the facility, through to helping you identify the optimum self storage unit size.

Why store your documents at the Storage Hub

  • With document storage Huntingdon, you can gain access to your documents seven days a week with your personal electronics entry system
  • Live CCTV – twenty four hours a day – three hundred and sixty five days a year
  • Our individual internal steel lockable units have individual unit door alarms
  • Very importantly for document storage, all self storage units are clean, dry and free from condensation
  • As you would expect all units are lockable, additionally there is provision for you to lock with own individual security padlock
  • Our self storage units provide flexible document storage. Whether you are simply looking for some short term additional space for a small quantity of box files, or longer storage periods for large quantities of business paperwork, the storage hub will be able to accommodate your needs
document storage huntingdon the storage hub huntingdon

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Document Storage Huntingdon – Tips For Storing Family Papers and Photographs

  • If possible store papers and photographs at low relative humidity and a low temperature
  • Reduce the risk of damage to papers and photographs from water, insects and rodents
  • How you pack the papers and photographs is very important
    • Use containers that are big enough for the originals to lay upright or flat without bending or folding
    • Are the correct size, so that any items inside don’t move around
    • If there are not enough items to fill an upright box use a spacer board ( or use smaller boxes) . Remember that the more self storage space you need the more it will cost, so try and avoid wasted space
    • Don’t overstuff boxes – just as per the point above you don’t want to waste space, it is equally important that you don’t want to damage the items you are storing just for the sake of trying to save some space and cost

Self Storage Huntingdon – Get In Touch And Visit the Storage facilities

To book a storage unit click here – you can select a unit and pay online. For the latest self storage news click here

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What UK businesses need to know about records retention

It goes without saying that business records and company contracts need to be kept while they’re still in effect, but what about after they expire? Paul Ravey of Access Records Management explains all.

What is the Limitation Act 1980?

The purpose of the Limitation Act 1980 is simple: it sets time limits on various types of legal action. From this, businesses can determine how long they need to keep documents in case they are required to produce them in court. This statutory ‘limitation period’ therefore defines the minimum length of time a business should keep its records.

Section 5 of the Limitation Act 1980 sets out the “time limit for actions founded on simple contract,” and – in full – states that “an action founded on simple contract shall not be brought after the expiration of six years from the date on which the cause of action accrued.”

So what does this mean? First, we need to understand some definitions:

  • A “simple contract” is an agreement, written or oral, which has been accepted as legally binding by both parties. For businesses, this means employment contracts, business agreements, insurance policies, personnel files, and various other documents. A simple contract is treated differently from a deed, which is a more formal document requiring the signatures of multiple people.
  • The “action” that this legislation refers to is a civil claim. In a business context, this will usually be a dispute over the terms of the agreement. These conflicts are easily resolved by producing the original document, which is why it’s crucial to keep the document safe and accessible.
  • The legislation establishes the limitation period as six years after “the date on which the cause of action accrued“, meaning the date on which the claimant brings their breach of contract case to court.