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Storage in Huntingdon – Things To Consider

Are you lacking space and in need of safe and secure short term storage in Huntingdon space for your items? Lack of space in modern houses built within the Huntingdon, Alconbury, Godmanchester St Ives and St Neots areas appears to be a common problem with not enough room to store our everyday possessions. This may simply be because householders have too many possessions that they cant bear to part with so you end up squeezing them into your house.

At this point you might start considering using a self-storage facility. There are a number of elements to consider when looking at storage in Huntingdon. You need to evaluate the costs involved and establish the right solution for you. Whilst safety and security always appear as key factors there are some fundamental differences in self storage

Internal Storage – where the secure storage units are based internally ( so away from the direct impact of the elements )

External Storage – commonly shipping container units located in a yard with a fence

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#1 What Kind of Storage do You Need

  • To make sure that you don’t get self storage that is unsuitable or not cost effective, make sure you establish an accurate estimate of the self storage size you are looking for
  • If you rent something too big and do not fill it, then you are just losing money,
  • If you select a self storage unit that is too small it will result you in having to rent another self storage unit or not getting all of your things into storage.
  • Check out our storage unit size guide, which will help you estimate the size of the unit you will need to acquire.

#2 Location of Facility – Perfect for Huntingdon, Alconbury, Godmanchester, St Ives, St Neots and surrounding areas

  • If you need to regularly access your stored items then choosing a self storage facility that is a lengthy drive away makes no sense.
  • You may find cheap self storage facilities outside of your immediate location if you need to save money but you need to weigh up the inconvenience and travelling costs you will incur when you do need to access

#3 Accessibility

  • How often and at what times you are likely to need to access your self storage unit, the Storage Hub is open Monday to Friday 8am to 6pm, Saturday 8am to 5.00pm and Sunday 10am to 4pm.
  • Unlike the Storage Hub not every self-storage facility is open 7 days a week, so if this is something you are looking for
  • We have found that the majority of people find normal weekday access and access on demand sufficient
  • If you urgently need an item you have stored ask your self storage facility how they would deal with you out of hours

#3 Facilities

  • Safety and Security are typically the primary factors when selecting a Huntingdon self-storage facility
  • A basic level of security, should include lockable access and CCTV but consider insurances and fire protection as well.
  • Make sure that the security and safety levels are of a level that satisfies your own requirements.

Storage in Huntingdon – Get In Touch And Visit the Storage Hub facilities

To book a storage unit click here – you can select a unit and pay online. For the latest self storage news click here

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