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Storage Units Cambridgeshire – FAQ’s

If you are looking for Storage Units, Cambridgeshire has a number of safe and secure self storage facilities including the Storage Hub located in Huntingdon .

Common “What can I store” Questions

Are there restrictions on what can be stored? Yes for the safety of customers ( and their goods that they have in storage) there are restrictions. Unless previously discussed with and agreed in writing the following items cannot be stored. For obvious reason firearms ( shot guns, rifles, handguns, etc ) , ammunition ( shot gun cartridges, bullets, etc) and explosives ( from simple fireworks through to dynamite ) are restricted.  For the same rationale gas cylinders of any size  be it bottles of any size 4.5kg, 7kg, 12Kg, 15kg, 3.9kg, 6kg, 13kg, 19kg, 47kg, 12kg, 18kg, 6kg bbq, 6kg lite, the resealable camping gas cartridges ( butane / propane mix and propane) and camping gas cannisters of any size. Basic rule of thumb – if its gas ( of any sort ) in a cylinder, container or bottle the likelihood is, it shouldn’t be stored in an internal self storage unit.

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Live animals, mammals, fish, insects  (of any sort ) cannot be stored. Our steel self storage units are by there very nature a completely unsuitable place for your pet. If you are moving house and using self storage as a temporary storage area please take your pet to a suitable kennel, cattery, relative or friend. The same rationale applies to live plants – where an outdoor greenhouse, tunnel, cloche or friends house will provide a more suitable plant storage area.

Self storage units are very safe environments with CCTV and secure access but they are not as secure as a bank. Therefore cash, securities, jewelry, precious goods and high value goods should be stored in a bank or safety deposit facility.

The 7 most important questions to ask about self storage units Cambridgeshire

1. What Are The Monthly Fees?

The first thing anyone wants to know is the monthly cost of renting a self storage unit in Cambridgeshire. This is dependent on the size of the unit and quality of the self storage facilities. A secure modern facility in convenient location will be more expensive that a container in a muddy field. Ask to see if there are discounts for longer contracts, or any other special deals available.

2. Will The Self Storage Fees Increase Over Time and are there any hidden fees?

Inflation is real and prices for most things increase over time. Make sure you have a clear understanding of the pricing structure and plan, especially if you plan to rent for a long period of time.

A trustworthy and reputable self storage facility will be up front with all costs and you will be billed for the exact amount you expect. There won’t be any surprises. Even though the fees should be clear from the beginning, it’s always worth it to ask if there are any hidden costs that will be coming your way.

3. What Are The Hours I Can Access My Self Storage Unit?

The hours the facility is open may influence your decision. A self storage facility that is only open from 9-5, Monday to Friday probably wont be of use, so check ahead to see if the facility works with your schedule. If you need your unit for extended hours 7 days a week it’s important to make sure it will be open when you need it.

4. Do I Need My Own Padlock To Lock My Unit?

Some facilities have upgraded and now use high grade secure keyless units, while others require a person to provide their own lock. The Storage Hub prefers for tenats to provide their own padlocks, that way you as the tenant are in control who will access your storage facility. Keeping belongings safe starts with how well it’s locked, so be sure to inquire about whether or not you will need a lock.

5. What Security Measures Do You Take?

Security is everything with self storage and a good facility will have good physical barriers fences and lockable gates as well as a well-planned, working security system. Do they have CCTV if so where are they placed and does it work.

6. What Do You Do About Pests And Rodents?

No matter how modern and secure a facility is unfortunately rats and mice can do some real damage if not guarded against. Your new storage facility should have a plan to prevent pests and rodents from becoming a huge problem.

7. Can I visit the self storage facility and have a guided tour?

A good storage facility should have nothing to hide and a tour is a great place to start so that you can ask the above questions and any others that come up. Plus it’s always nice to have the lay of the land because the facilities can be a bit of a maze.

Storage Units Cambridgeshire – Get In Touch And Visit the Storage facilities

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