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Godmanchester Self Storage – Safe, Secure & Accessible

If you are looking for safe and secure Godmanchester self storage facilities that are perfectly situated for Godmanchester, St Ives, St Neots, Huntingdon, Alconbury or Stukely Meadows, then The Storage Hub is the perfect self storage facility.

Our brand new self storage facility that covers the Godmancheter area is located in a prime location at Windover Road, Huntingdon, which is easily accessed by car, van or lorry and has amble parking.

Our purpose built self storage units are available in the following 20, 25, 50, 75, 100, 125, 150, 175, 200, 225, 250 and 300 square foot unit sizes. At the storage hub it is important to note that self storage unit sizes shown for rental are approximate only and units at the self-storage facility may differ slightly in size or shape. We would suggest you travel up from Godmanchester and inspect the specific unit to be rented before signing a rental agreement. We always suggest that the decision to rent is based on the inspection of the unit and not on the advertised unit size.

Godmanchester Self Storage first floor corridor to fire exite The Storage Hub Self Storage Huntingdon

Why Choose The Storage Hub Huntingdon

Domestic users in Godmanchester will find the storage hub Huntingdon perfect for their short, medium or long term self storage requirements. In our experience we have found our facilities are used by personal users for storing items during the house moving process, storing furniture and items during the university  summer recess, storing large or bulky items that are to big / cumbersome to fit in the home shed/ garage ( we have stored surfboards, quad bikes, wind surfs, garden tools etc)

Businesses based in Godmanchester use of our self storage Huntingdon facility for

  • Temporary storage of stock at a local level ( especially useful when the stock is of high value / sensitive i.e. its crucial that the stock doesn’t get damp )
  • Storing event and exhibition stands
  • Storing company marketing communications materials – brochures/ leaflets / promotional items
  • Secure storage of archive documentation and paperwork

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Godmanchester Self Storage

We would suggest that before you think about storing your possessions, have a thorough sort through what you are planning to store. You don’t want to pay extra to store items you won’t use again. Organise items into piles, a great technique is to create piles ‘keep’, ‘throw’ and ‘donate’. You may find that some of your clothes or shoes haven’t been worn for months, and would be better off in a charity shop. As part of the sorting process you need to remove any items that are prohibited from being stored. Generally you cannot store dangerous goods, as well as food and plants. Click here for more information on items that can be stored in Godmanchester self storage

Preparing for self storage

Before your move into storage it’s important to ensure that your belongings are ready. Check that everything is in a good condition, which means washing and drying everything you wish to store, to prevent mildew.

Once your items are clean and ready to go, it’s time to start packing. Use high quality boxes and/or crates to store your goods to ensure they are safe and secure. Here are some of our top tips:

  • For fragile items, wrap them tightly in bubble wrap and mark with a fragile sticker.
  • Pack heavier items at the bottom of the box and make sure the bottom of the box is taped secure
  • Ensure that boxes aren’t overfilled and leave space at the top.
  • Label each box carefully so you know the exact content. This will save hours of time if you need to access the contents while they are in storage

Get In Touch And Visit the Storage facilities

To book a storage unit click here – you can select a unit and pay online. For the latest self storage news click here

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