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We often get asked the question can you recommend any Self Storage near me. If you are located in the Huntingdon area whether you are business or domestic then the Storage Hub Huntingdon provides fantastic safe and secure self storage facilities.

The Storage Hub is perfectly located for anybody in the Alconbury, Sawtry, Hartford, Abbots Ripton, Little & Great Stukeley, Wyton, Godmanchester, Huntingdon and Brampton areas.

If you haven’t used self storage facilities before it can seem a minefield to identify the correct and best self storage facility for your needs. Do you need a self storage unit that’s dry and free from condensation, how big a storage unit do I need, what is the security on the site etc. To take away some of the stress of finding self storage near me we have collated the following information that will hopefully help you make the correct selection.

If you have any questions on self storage please call one of our storage experts on 01480 417785

Self Storage Near Me larger storage unit The Storage Hub Self Storage Huntingdon

Will my belongings are safe?

The site is physically protected externally by a lockable steel security fence. This has a secure steel gate that is locked shut at 7.00pm and opened at 7.00am. To enter the Storage Hub residents are provided with a state of the art electronic fob code entry system which makes our the location secure internally.

Our sophisticated security alarm and Digitally recorded CCTV systems also include central station monitoring of intruder and fire alarm systems so you can rest comfortably that your belongings are safe while stored onsite with us.

Each individual storage unit can be padlocked shut ( it is down to you to provide the padlock) so you have complete control of who accesses the storage unit.

Why is it important for me to get insurance for my contents

The Storage Hub offers some of the most secure self-storage near me, but it is still important to take out insurance on your belongings. Accidents can still happen irrespective of the security systems and fire prevention in place. Fires and accidents are rare in self storage facilities, its important that any of your valuable items are covered should something unfortunate happen.

We want to ensure that the Storage Hub offers you the best possible self storage near me service and overcome any doubts that you might have about storing your belongings. Make sure you contact one of our self storage team who will be happy to help if your questions haven’t been answered here

What size self storage unit will I need ?

We know how difficult it is to estimate how much storage space you will need. When you have belongings and content spread over different rooms or lots of different size objects. Establishing how big a storage unit you will need it can be a real challenge o work out exactly how much storage you will need. Our extensive Storage Unit Size Guide page will give you an idea of how much space you will need from your self-storage unit.

We have also provided a visual aid to help you decide on the right storage unit to meet your needs. One of the aids that we find most useful is the “Vehicle Technique”.  If you can fit it into a small Estate Car then a 25sqft unit could be appropriate. If you need a long wheel base Transit then a 100sqft unit might be required. At the Storage Hub if your requirements change and you need a smaller or bigger sized storage unit, then that’s not a problem you can swap accordingly. We can up or downsize the amount of storage that you are renting at any time.

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How should items be packed for storage

There are two schools of thought about packing items for self storage. One says box up the items before you go to identify the self storage size requirements. Now at this point when you are boxing up goods make sure that you use some logic in packaging. Try and keep relevant items together and make sure that boxes are clearly labelled and inventories are printed on the side of the box. That way if you need to find anything whilst the items are in storage you can save yourself hours of frustration.

The other approach is to book a self storage unit based on a best guess on the items to be stored. If you haven’t got many lose items that need boxing this could be a good approach. So if your storing large furniture, beds, mattresses, garden furniture, bicycles, golf clubs this could be the best way.

Either way once you have decided on the best storage unit to meet your needs , you should make sure that your items are correctly packed before transporting your goods. With the additional transportation (in and out of vehicles, in and out of storage etc) your items should be packed in a safe and secure way to ensure that they are not damaged on the way to the storage unit.

Any fragile items should be treated with extra care, where possiblesure that your items are protected using bubble wrap or something similar. This can also be useful when items are manhandles your way or at the storage unit. If you aren’t going to need box items for a while it can also be an idea to seal boxes .

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Putting your items into self storage

The Storage Hub has a large roller door so if you have a large van you can pull the van into the facility. This is really useful if you are unloading on a rainy day. Its then easy to get your items into your allocated storage unit. We always recommend that you bring your own padlock so that you can secure your unit and have complete control over it.

Self Storage Near me – Get In Touch And Visit the Storage facilities

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