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Self Storage St Neots

We understand that getting your possessions from one place to another and putting items into self-storage can be stressful. While you’ll never completely eradicate the hassle associated with moving house, there are ways to reduce the stress. Moving your items from St Neots to the Storage Hub should be made as stress free as possible. One easy way is to make sure your belongings are packed and protected.
The Storage Hub offers a whole range of packing and wrapping supplies. Whether you need one storage removal box or 20 archive boxes, we stock a large assortment of packaging item to keep your belongings safe during your move or in storage.
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Our Top Packing Tips

  • Make sure to use small boxes for more substantial items, and bigger boxes for light items. Otherwise, you risk overfilling the boxes and breaking them.
  • Bubble wrap is great for packing, but you can also make use of your clothes, towels, blankets or any other soft items to provide padding around more delicate items.
  • Be sure to pack heavy items at the bottom of the box, and evenly distribute them across the base, so that everything is not placed on one side, or in the centre.

For Self Storage St Neots consider the following packing items:

  • Padlocks – medium, large or combination.
  • Double and Single Wall Cardboard Boxes – there are a wide range of sizes to suit every removal box need.
  • Archive Cardboard Boxes – extra strong to protect your documents.
  • Bubble Wrap – for wrapping any fragile items for storage or transit.
  • Furniture covers – including sofa, armchair & mattress covers.
  • Storage blankets – wrap your items to avoid damaging.
  • Tape & Tape Guns – very useful to secure boxes of contents if you have lots to tape a tape gun can be worth its weight in gold
  • Marker Pens – don’t forget to label the contents of boxes!

There are always going to be items that are of more value to you, whether that’s a sentimental value or monetary. Therefore, when it comes to packing up your home, those are the items where breakages could devastate you and turn your move sour. That is why here at the Storage Hub, we only supply high quality, durable packing boxes. Therefore, you can have peace of mind that your belongings are safe from damage whatever their destination.

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