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Are you looking to access self storage to store your personal or business possessions. It is important to know that certain items are not allowed to be stored in self storage units. In this article we look at the items you are not allowed in a self storage unit.

8 Items Not Allowed in a Storage Unit

  1. Combustible & Flammable Items
  2. Uninsured, Non-Operating and Unregistered Vehicles
  3. Illegal Drugs and Stolen Goods
  4. Weapons, Ammunition, and Bombs
  5. Toxic Materials
  6. Perishable items
  7. Living Plants
  8. Items that are still wet
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1. Combustible or Flammable Items

These items include petrol, propane, flammable chemicals, oil and grease, paint and cleaning solutions. Obviously explosives or fireworks are prohibited. Setting up of a distillery for producing alcohol or the production of illegal chemicals. So in summary anything that can catch fire or explode is not allowed.

If you put stuff in self storage and it explodes you will be the one held responsible. If self storage operators find anything that is suspicious or smell something that causes concerns they will call the relevant authorities and the issue will be investigated. Remember it is a crime to store some of these items.

2. Non-Operating, Unregistered, and Uninsured Vehicles

You can store vehicles that are fully registered, insured, and in operable condition in Self Storage Huntingdon. Vehicles include cars, motorcycles, mopeds, boats, quad bikes, trailers and trucks. Important Self Storage Reminder: When you store a vehicle in self storage you will be required to show proof of vehicle registration and a valid driver’s license when you move into a storage facility.

3. Illegal Drugs and Stolen Goods

It is illegal to store stolen goods or illegal drugs in rented self storage units. If it is suspected that either are being stored in a self storage unit, it is very easy for the police to get a search warrant for a self storage unit.

4. Weapons, Ammunition and Bombs

In most cases, handguns, shotguns, rifles and firearms along with ammunition are not permissible in storage rentals. Additionally other weaponry flame throwers, land mines, hand grenades, bazookas, nuclear bombs or anything that will make MI5 or the Security Services think you are a terrorist. Poor choices of music or dodgy clothing are not considered weapons of mass destruction.

5. Toxic Materials

Do not store fertilizers, chemicals and even some everyday cleaning products in a self-storage unit where there is the potential of fumes mixing and cause issues. This means that chemicals such as chlorine bleach, ammonia, and solvents like acetone e.g. nail polish remover, acids, turpentine, paint thinner, or petrol. Avoid anything that is poisonous or contagious. Important Self Storage Tip – if you are unsure about the safety of the items or substances you are thinking of storing talk to one of the Storage Hub experts first

6. Perishables

Food items that need refrigeration and those that are not in properly-sealed containers and even dry pet food in bags are prohibited. These items can attract infestations, bugs and rodents or encourage bacteria and mould problems to develop. Whilst the Storage Hub is dry and well ventilated it is not climate controlled. For this reason canned food is not allowed in self storage units, because heat can make the cans explode. If in doubt about storing canned food, its always best to ask the staff.

7. Living Plants

In order to survive and thrive plants need sunlight, they also attract bugs and pests. If you cannot take care of your plants, don’t put them in storage, give them away or plant them outside. Illegal plants that require specialist heating and lighting to make them thrive are most definitely prohibited from legitimate self storage facilities

8. Items that are still wet

Whilst the chance of storing wet items may not cause too many issues , it is very much BAD practice. Items that are put away in storage while they are still wet can cause mildew and mould to develop. Self storage facilities are brilliant places to store things that you use in the water like a inflatable kayaks, rafts, canoes, windsurfs, surfboard, and scuba gear (Note you cannot store the air tanks). Ensure that before you put them into storage you dry off everything properly, this is a better way to care for your gear as well, so it does not deteriorate.

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