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How much does self storage cost

Evaluating Huntingdon Self Storage cost per sq. ft.

Self storage cost depends on the self storage unit size, but for an average 50 sq. ft. unit you will pay around £70pcm, which breaks down to a £1.40 sq. ft. rate. The cost per square foot reduces the larger the unit size that is used.

Included in the self storage price are typically

  • Controlled access to your unit at the Storage Hub you can access the site 7.00am to 7.00pm. At the end of the day you are storing your belongings, so you should be able to access them whenever you please!
  • Transport your things safely from your vehicle to the unit by using sack barrows or trollies
  • A covered drop off loading area is essential, especially if you are loading / unloading on rainy days
  • Your own personal electronic access dongle or keypad code, which allows you secure access to the building is essential
  • To make sure the self storage is as convenient as possible easy and ample parking is a must
  • An onsite toilet is very beneficial especially if you are using your self storage unit for business purposes

Other self-storage facilities with alternate companies will offer similar, but possibly not all, of the services provided by The Storage Hub. Research is crucial to find out exactly what it is that you want offered, and what you do or don’t need from your facility.

How much does self storage cost unit 205 25sqft unit The Storage Hub Self Storage Huntingdon

Self-storage special offers and deals

When you’re looking for a self-storage unit, be careful to not get misled by the different phrasings that facilities use. Many will purport offering a heavily discounted special offer to entice a first time customers.

A very common offer is 50% off for the first three months that you use the self store facility. This translates into 50% off for the first 12 weeks you store. Just because a facility is offering 50% off doesn’t make it a good deal as they may have doubled or trebled their normal pricing in order to promote the discounted offer

Calculating self storage prices using months or weeks can also be confusing when you’re trying to compare how much a self-storage unit would cost at different facilities. If a Huntingdon self storage company presents a price in months, and a competitor presents it in days, you may find yourself needing to perform additional calculations to work out direct price comparisons.  Importantly don’t just assume they’re for the same time period.

Longer term self-storage offers

If you know that you will require self storage for a longer time period or even a long term fixed time you may be able to negotiate a lower price. If self-storage is a long term option for you domestically or for your business it would be advisable to ask about longer term contracts and payment options. Paying upfront isn’t always feasible, but it may have financial benefits and could be a convenient option if you are travelling or out of the country.

Quality vs Price

As much as it can be tempting to choose the cheapest quote when selecting self-storage, this may not be the best way to choose a safe and secure storage facility for your important household or business possessions. Things to consider when selecting the right provider for your specific storage needs are;

  • The staff – are they helpful, friendly and knowledgeable and available to help you make the right storage decisions?
  • Location – Within the town or a rural remote location
    • How far are you prepared to travel to store, if you need to quickly retrieve something from the facility?
    • Is the storage site easy to access?
    • Is there ample free car parking at the storage location?
  • Unit size – are there a wide range of unit sizes available to meet your requirements from 25sq ft to 300 sq ft?
    • If you need help deciding which size storage unit you would need, depending on how much you need to space you need to store
    • Can you fit everything into your storage unit with organisation? If you need help organising your unit to make the best use of your space, check out another of our storage unit size guide.
  • Flexibility – can you move up or down a unit size easily if you need to?
  • Parking – is there on-site parking, or room for a van?
  • Is the storage facility well ventilated ?
  • Access – is it limited or is it 24/7 access?
  • Security – is there a secure metal fence, electronic access and CCTV, to ensure the safety of your stuff?
  • Rental period – how long do you need your unit for and is there a minimum rental period?

Other storage costs to consider

Moving Costs: Investing in a removal company could prove to be a wise decision, making the process of moving items a lot easier. Especially if you have a large number of large and heavy items.

Packaging Materials: Whilst you can beg, borrow or acquire cardboard boxes from supermarkets etc if you have a large amount of product to be boxed purchasing boxes may be more convenient. It might be easier to buy Extra Large Cardboard Storage Boxes directly from Amazon. Also consider costs of packaging tape, bubble wrap and pallet wrap.

Insurance: Insuring your belongings is a must. As self storage insurance is a complex issue this article provides a wealth of information

Deposit: At the Storage Hub facility you are required to pay a months rent at the point of renting the unit. However, this differs from self storage facilities. Some storage facilities require that the deposit is equal to around half a month’s rent. There are some self storage facilities who provides storage without a deposit to remove the barriers to renting a unit. Whether you pay a deposit or not depends on the store that you choose.

How to compare storage facilities, Is it all about price?

When looking for a Huntingdon self storage facility price seems to be the main factor to be considered. We would suggest you look out for the following features as they aren’t always provided:

Location: There is nothing worse than having to go out of your way to reach your storage location. This is especially true of some of the more remote container storage facilities located in a farmers field. When you get to the location is it easy to park your car to load  / unload, which brings us onto the next element.

Parking: Many people incorrectly assume that storage facilities located out of town, or on bigger industrial estates, will have free onsite parking.  Make sure there is ample parking as there’s nothing worse than turning up at the weekend and not being able to find a convenient car parking space.

Access times : Once you have stored your items, you might not be looking to visit your Huntingdon self storage unit at all hours of the day, but make sure the access hours work for you and your needs. The Storage Hub is accessible 7.00am to 7.00pm

Easily Accessible Loading Bay: A dedicated access bay with roller door is great for loading and unloading. Having a trolley or sack barrow on site can be of help if you have large amounts of stock to move. Make sure you ask before moving in if these are available and where they are stored, they definitely help with the loading and unloading process.

Toilet Facilities: You never know how long you’ll be at your storage facility so having toilet facilities can be a real bonus.

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